Xiomi Mi Mix – Innovation at its best

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. This quote by Steve Jobs comes into my mind when reviewing Xiomi Mi Mix.

This bezel-less smartphone is a real beauty. With 91.3% screen to body ratio it feels like you are holding just the display in your hands.

Because of its bezel-less design the screen size comes out to 6.4 inch. But the phones size is same Apple’s iPhone 7.

mi mix back side

Whats so Innovative about Mi Mix ?

Mi Mix redesigned from facing camera
Mi Mix redesigned front facing camera
Mi MIX rounded corners
Mi MIX rounded corners

Mi has redesigned the front facing camera to support its bezel-less design. Front camera is placed on phones chin . Mi claims that camera is 50 % smaller then typical ones.

Mi has also re-engineered a 17:9 display ratio with rounded corners for full content viewing experience.

Ceramic Acoustic Technology

mi-mix-ceramic -acoustic-technology-mi-mix

Mi Mix supports full ceramic body. When you pick up calls, the ceramic drive unit converts electric signals into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy when reaches phone’s frame, vibrates the metal frame and produces a sound that reaches your ear . So even in noisy environments, you can still take clear and crisp calls.

Built-in ultrasonic proximity sensor

Instead of the conventional infrared proximity sensor, Mi MIX has an ultrasonic proximity sensor built in. So when you use your cell phone it accurately detects when you are nearby and avoids accidental contact.


These are the things that makes me admire Xiaomi, because it pushes technology innovation forward. We haven’t seen any innovation in the mobile phone market in recent years, and that’s why I am so excited to finally see a company who put a goal to innovate and move the mobile phone industry forward and create technology innovations that can help create better smartphones.

Photo Credit : www.mi.com

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