Backlinks and Their Importance

Importance of backlinks

Well! Most of you heard about the backlinks but many people do not know either the importance of backlinks or how to make backlinks. There is no need to worry about, as I will clear each matter in your mind.

What are backlinks?

For those who do not have any idea about backlink ― a backlink is hyperlink of one website or blog generated from a web page of another website. Now you must be thinking, oh I have seen and used it before. Well! You are right; backlinks are used by every internet user.

Now the next thing, which will emerge in your mind, be the importance of a backlink. For me, it is not way to define in one sentence so I have categorized it for you better understanding below.

Importance of backlinks for SEO:

If you are a blogger or own any website, then backlinks carries high importance― it is a key factor to generate traffic to blog or website. The dream of every blogger is to have maximum and growing traffic to its blog and here backlinks plays its role. But how?

The content marketers and search experts revealed the secret about the search engines that the ranking of a blog or website is dependent upon the number of backlinks.

The last years Google’s page ranking study proved that a page would be on high raking if it contains high quality content. Now, you must ask question then how backlinks are important then. The logic behind backlinks is that if many websites points towards a page then it means the page do contain high quality and useful content.

Well! When you will go through our Google ranking analysis findings, you will know the importance of backlinks. Here are the details:

  1. Backlinks counter:

The relation between page ranking and the number of backlinks was 0.28 in 2014 and it is still decreasing. The top thirty pages that appear in the Google search engine have the most backlinks as compared to the others.



  1. Domain Referring:

In 2015, the top 30 websites in the search engine had most referring domains. The perfect examples are the top brands as they have the huge number of referring domains that is the reason the top brands appears at first place in search engines.




  1. Backlinks ( Keywords inside anchor text):

It is also called hard links that are built by the developer to boost ranking in search engines. Although, this trend is moving down as shown in above figure but still it has occupied a good place to build links.



  1. Domain name inside anchor text:

This trend is increased by 3% in the current year the reason is that the search engine realizes the placing of domain name in the anchor text is natural to promote the brand. For example, socks,


  1. Backlinks coming for new websites:

It is the best backlinks technique as the search engine recognizes the new websites data and links as reliable source. The new websites cannot afford false or low quality links pointing to the home page of new website.



Although, the backlinks trend is decreasing but it is the best SEO technique to rank higher in the search engines.

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