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Steps to apply for Google AdSense

google adsense

Google AdSense is an agency by Google that offer the services of advertisement placement. It is an online program for the websites that want to display advertisements of other websites or products on their websites in the form of videos, text or images. Above is a little introduction about the Google AdSense, as many people…

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Essential WordPress plug-ins 2017


WordPress was a blogging platform a decade ago but now it is the most used content management system over the internet. About 23% of the total websites are built using the WordPress platform including the biggest social media website Facebook. The reasons behind this are the user-friendly platform and the plugins offered. Most of the…

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BHIM UPI App a faster way of making Online Payments.


With the introduction of BHIM app Prime Minister Narendra Modi has revolutionized  the way Indians makes digital payments.The motive of the government is to promote the cashless transactions.  And BHIM seems a good move in that direction. The BHIM app is a UPI(Unified Payment Interface) based  application, which would allow people to make digital payments directly…

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What are Backlinks and their Importance

getting backlinks

Well! Most of you heard about the backlinks but many people do not know either the importance of backlinks or how to make backlinks. There is no need to worry about, as I will clear each matter in your mind. What are Backlinks? For those who do not have any idea about backlink ― a…

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What is Internet of Things? 


Introduction The Internet of Things(IoT) is networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and other items having electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity which makes it easy for these objects/devices to exchange data. Looks hard to read and understand? Well in simple words, Internet of Things is the connection of all devices to the internet and…

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Tips to promote website through social media

promote website through social media

Promote website through social media With the passage of time, the life is getting busier and people don’t have spare time to watch TV and read newspaper for information. The technology has brought a major shift in everyone’s life. Therefore, the ultimate source of gathering information is through the internet and by visiting popular websites.…

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Best procedures for increasing website traffic 2016


Increasing Website Traffic Thousands of people are launching new websites and blogs daily in order to earn money online. However, thousands of websites and blogs are going offline because of less traffic on their website/blog. Traffic over the website or blog is the key factor; more traffic means more clicks on ads along with the…

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How to use Google Keyword planner tool ?

using google keyword planner

Using Google Keyword planner tool and Google trends Google keyword tool is a product from Google. It helps in giving a traffic estimation of the target keywords. It can also be used to find keywords that are related to one’s niche. Keyword research refers to the process of pinpointing keywords which have numerous number of…

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Outstanding tips for Mobile App SEO

tips for mobile app seo

If you move five years back you will find people saying the business has no identity without website. Websites were the identities of any business but with the shift in technology now mobile applications are the identity of any business. However, the topic doesn’t end here after having an app, the next thing is the…

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Bitcoins – The Currency of the Internet

what is bit coin

What is Bitcoin Actually ? Imagine if there is a currency which is not under control of any Government or Institution  and you can buy stuffs globally using that currency without the headache of currency conversion or any bank in the middle. Sounds fascinating ? Yes there exists such currency called “Bitcoins- the currency of…

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